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10/26 - New Video, "Two Percent Milk," submitted to YouTube today.  
Check it out.
10/24 - "Macaca Blues" mentioned on
10/24 - "GoRemy" quoted in The National Journal's "Last Call" column.
10/16 - First Video, "Macaca Blues," submitted to YouTube.  Check it out.
Questions?  Comments?
11/9 - New Video, "Thuder Rolls," submitted to YouTube.  
11/17 - New Video, "A-R-A-B," starring Habib (as you would
imagine), submitted to YouTube.
12/7 - New Video, "Voicemail on Cell Phones" submitted to
12/16 - "Eggs Over Easy," a new rap, submitted.
12/17 - "Eggs Over Easy" video is the 50th-highest rated
comedy video on YouTube today.  
1/4 - GoRemy's YouTube channel reaches 100
subscribers!  Thanks to all who subscribed.  If you haven't
subscribed already, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?
1/5 - Check out the GoRemy MySpace page.  Let's be friends!
1/11- New Video, "She Thinks My Camel's Sexy," posted today.
1/12 - "She Thinks My Camel's Sexy" video is the 61st-highest
rated comedy video on YouTube today.  Surprisingly.
2/5 - "It's Been Declined," a new video, posted to YouTube
today.  Check it out!  
2/16 - Remy submits a video tryout for Today Show's
"Anchor for a Day" contest.  It can be viewed