Happy Holidays: The Rap
Lyrics by: Remy
Well it's the holiday season
It's the season to be jolly
Time to put up all the lights
Time to deck the halls with holly

Time to wish a Merry Christmas
To one and all
Time to find a freaking parking spot
up at the mall

It's like a Christmas palace, yeah
it's rocking up in my place
More greens than on a salad, man
More stocking than on MySpace

Droppin' yule tide carols
and this yule is phat
and I got more tide
than a laundromat

So many people celebrating
Man, I can't explain
It's like trying to figure
how to flip a candy cane

Bumpin in to cars
Everywhere I go
So many people at the mall
Even Santa like "whoa!"

Santa, look I got some cookie
can I tantalize ya?
With all these kids
I could use some hand sanitizer

You want world peace?
How 'bout an Xbox, boy?
You ain't gotta holla holla
Man, holla at your toy

Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays

It's the Hanukkah season
Make a world of noise
Eating bagels spinning dreidels
with the girls and boys

Gotta light Menorah candles
and never a day late
It's more serious
than the girls on jdate

Doctor, Doctor
"You ate a vodka?"
Too many jelly donut
Potato Latke

You need to get to the hospital
And don't be hasty
You ate too many food
Overdose on tasty

We only got a gallon of gas
How we getting there, mate?
Don't you worry, homey
Something tells me we got eight...

Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays

Kwanzaa, Kwanzaa
All up in the hiz
Hit up Wikipedia
to find out what it is

Seven principles
A tradition that is really
being integral
to Kawida--that's Swahili

I should celebrate all three
Wouldn't that be pleasant?
Why you doing that?
Three times the presents!

Millions of people celebrating
Holidays of every color
Do your homework, laugh it up
Don't be crazy, love each other

Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays