Eggs Over Easy: The Rap
Lyrics by: Remy
Music by: Rights obtained
I like my eggs over easy
With some toast that is greasy
Cook 'em well, don't make me queasy
I like my eggs over easy.

All up in the kitchen and you grab a pan
Then you grab a can, and hit the pan with Pam
And turn on the fan, you start to salivate
I'm making over easy eggs with some Land o' Lakes

But don't break the yolk, and I won't complain
Because I want the yellow running like it's Prefontaine
And, yo, I'll throw them eggs out if the yolks be hard
Because I got more Grade A's than a report card

First you crack the eggs and put 'em in a bowl
But Remz you're cooking shells, yeah that's how I roll
I'm eating healthy Egg Beaters, and you should try some too
Man, back up out the way, I'm 'bout to eat a fetus, fool

I like my eggs over easy
Cook 'em well don't make me queasy
I eat 'em with some Reece's Pieces
I like my eggs over easy

What came first, the egg or the chicken?
I really don't care, man, they both taste delicious
You want a chicken omelette, Remz?  I'm making up a batch
If you want to eat a chicken, man just wait for it to hatch

People order scrambled eggs, I don't know what they're doing
How'd you like your eggs?  Um, I don't know, ruined?
I like to hard-boil mine for five or ten
Yeah, that's a good recipe for an Easter egg

I will not stop 'til this bread's devoured
I give mad props to its dipping power
Cuz I'm dipping so much, I'm abusin' sockets
I got more yellow dunking than the Houston Rockets

I like to eat 'em sunny side down, I'm no sucker
Nah, that's prob'ly cuz you're a stupid mother--
Wait, that's the same thing right?

I like my eggs over easy
With some toast that is greasy
Not an omelette that is cheesy
I like my eggs over easy