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One time I ran out of bread and discovered a new food combination. This is a reenactment. Hope you like it!

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Special thanks to Sean W. Malone who directed this video! Check him out at citizena.tv and @citizenamedia!


[Chorus] Chicken wings and hummus, chicken wings and hummus
I can’t get enough of the chicken wings and hummus
First you grab a chicken wing and you dip it to your thumb-us
Gotta give it up for the chicken wings and hummus

[Remy] Sitting in the kitchen with a bowl of the spread
When I noticed something missing, yo we ain’t got no bread?
So I’m searching the house, running around like a cheetah
it was like the Hunger Games the way I was yelling “pita!”

Caviar and hummus? What, we’re driving a Lexus?
Cheerios and hummus? We just had that for breakfast
But that’s when I saw it–amid all the haste
something brimming to go swimming in a bin of the paste

[Chorus] [Habib] You’re eating blue cheese? Man, what you cooking for?
It tastes like something that Hans Blix was looking for
Hummus on the chicken, you know how we do
there ain’t been this much Arab on wings since Tony Shaloub

Chicken teriyaki? It tastes like puck of hockey
I’m eating chicken wings and hummus try to stop me
I eat a chicken wing and then I eat another
I like my chicken like I like my women–covered.

[Chorus] [Jido in arabic] [Chorus]

Instrumental “Nobody F’in Wit Me” licensed from Beat Planet!


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