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In 1804, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr met in a famous duel. This is totally what happened.
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Special thanks to Sean W. Malone who directed the video! Check him out at
www.citizena.tv and @citizenamedia !


A to the L to the E-X ANDER
I bite like Mike, but I flex like Evander
Normally chill, but if you’re looking for drama
I’m on the $10 bill and your mind and yo momma

Your name’s is Aaron Burr? That name is so bold
What? Your momma go and name you when she was really cold?
And you call that a shirt? It should be torn asunder
I’ve seen nicer things on a toilet plunger

And if I miss you with the first cuz my aiming’s off
I’ll hit you with number 2 like a chamber pot
You have the wealth of a peasant, your smell is unpleasant
And this letter from your lady says she got me a present…

[CHORUS] I’m Alexander Hamilton, listen when I say
I’m-a grab my gun, aim it and I’m-a shoot you in the face

Aaron Burr, have you heard, I’m the VP!
And the shirt that you hurt isn’t creasy!
My lady gave you a gift? And you don’t know what it is?
Well, here’s a hint, it’s gonna burn when you PP

You’re spitting rhymes telling people I don’t think well?
How many times you been drinking out your inkwell?
Stuntin’ like you’re bold but you suffer deleria
I’m-a pump you full of holes like a cheese bacteria

You’re saying I smell? That’s very profound
It’s 1804, we all crap in the ground
But I’m-a leave you bruised, cuz it was meant to be
I’m like the Chris Brown of the 18th century

[CHORUS] My name is Aaron Burr and listen when I say
I’m-a grab my gun, aim it, and I’m-a shoot you in the face

I’m Alexander Hamilton, you are wrong I say!
I’ll read you the entry from my Wikipedia page
It says right here I don’t die until July—crap…


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