Made this parody video of the popular 80’s song while on vacation here in South Dakota. Hope you like it! Directed/Produced by Josh Latterell. Special thanks to Brent Brandt, who played the teacher, and to all my new friends from the classroom. What a fun time!

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I like King Tuts and I can not lie
you other pharaohs can’t deny
that when I read about a room
in an ancient tomb
that they’re going to exhume

about Ancient Egypt
open up my book and read it
I wanna be the brightest
get an A on a test not for Hepatitis

Just look at what he’s wearing
I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring
if you’re looking I don’t blame ya
hottest pharaoh in Mesopotamia

think I don’t listen? Please, man
I listen to your teaching
that’s the Pyramids of Giza
that’s a fella who can’t sneeze

From the west to the east to the Red Sea
From the south to the north to the Med Sea
To the Nile River Delta on a jet ski
Look what I got on Etsy

Go clubbing on the weekend?
No brother I be reading
About the first Egyptian nation
and their knowledge of controlled irrigation

I tell you what you’re killing us
if Tut ain’t on the syllabus
you feeling us? I don’t miss a chance
when I read this book I mess my pants

Them mummies buried solo
They wrapped in gold like Rolos
with all their stuff in tow, yo
cuz they don’t believe in Yolo

my education’s not that fun
unless it’s got Tut son

You can cover Greeks and Romans
but please don’t skip King Tut
cuz I’m achin’ (…) achin’ (…)
Aching for more Tut

Mummy got back.


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