The original song captured a typical high-school moment–but what if it took place in the Middle-East? This parody hopes to illustrate. Check out the original song by Taylor Swift, it’s awesome!!!


Food looks at me
I frown cuz I’m just so hungry
but I can’t even eat
because it is Ramadan you see

Can not eat anything
until the sun goes down
and that is why
I am wearing such a big old frown


It’s the reason for the
teardrops on my kabob
the only thing that keeps me
hungry during Ramadan

is the thought of kabob
in my tummy
tasting oh so good

No kefta
No haloum
Not even one zaytooni
I know that I just want that food

Drew looks at me
I make him move so I can see
That kabob on the plate
bet it’s gonna taste so great

How I will make it through?
Oh man, I do not know
Why do they call it fasting
if the day goes by so slow?


And when the sun goes down
Oh man, I just can’t wait
Ramadan is the only
time I ever get a date



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