New Album on iTunes!

It’s not explicit!!!! I don’t know why iTunes says that!!!

I love the metro! Here is a song I wrote about it. I hope you like it.


Spring in the city
everything is in bloom
ball flinging, birds singing
bees stinging and soon

one love, one people
walking around in harmony
everybody is equal
yeah I’m talking about equality

benevolent, intelligent
together in peace
I love everybody, yeah
that’s what I believed

until I rode on the Metro…
y’all ever rode on the Metro?

Wake up in the morning
and I have to get dressed
Head to the Metro station
and I grab the Express

People say it’s nothing doing
but commuting is dope
it’s the only place where you
can get the flu and groped

People stopping at the bottom
of the escalator makes you think
can a person with no brain
ever truly stop and think?

and I just miss the train
but it’s gonna be fine
cuz there’s a two car train
twenty minutes behind

train is finally coming
now it won’t be far
it must be driven by a pirate
cuz the board says “ARR!”

on the Metro…
y’all ever rode on the Metro?

Teaching English on this train
I bet it would be hard–
cuz nobody seems to know the meaning of
“center of the car”

and the one thing on my mind
that has surely got me torn
is how can you have body odor
at 8:30 in the morning?

the driver of this train
liked the last Sopranos, trust me
because it seems
he likes to stop abruptly

there’s no network in this tunnel
and it’s got me perplexed
oh well, at least now we know
the driver can’t text

on the Metro…
y’all ever been on the Metro?

We sent a man to the moon
brought him back two weeks later
apparently not as long as it takes
to fix an escalator

Walk left stand right
I want to shout to the tourists
just stand to the right
while you figure out where the zoo is

your stroller’s holding up the line
don’t mean for it to sound obtuse
but yo, it’s making me question
if you’re fit to reproduce

Check it–

Red, yellow, orange, blue and green
and orange blue and red is
got so many lines that
college rule is getting jealous

If you see something say something
say you gotta be trusted
see we must be at Foggy Bottom
I just got cropdusted

Is it coincidence or irony?
I mean it’s just a though that
the idiot causing the line you see
he doesn’t have a Smart Trip

the fares just got bumped high
and now I’m gonna take a beating
what do they do with the cash while
not replacing orange seating?

I’m just an intern
earn no professional wages
working for a jerk who’s
working on Congressional pages

They say it’s hot as hell
and it may be hot as hell
but fire seems to kill germs
and here you need some Purell

because I’m looking at this pole
I’m not immune to catch a virus
hearing some dude’s earphones
blast the tunes of Miley Cyrus

checking the Metro map
it’s best to be avoiding strife
cuz ending up in Anacostia
Anacostia your life

Please stand clear of the doors
We’ve reached the end of the track
no announcement lady
that is not my bag

on the Metro…
y’all ever rode on the Metro?


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