A typical day in the life of me. Okay, I wish. I hope you like it!!

Get into the ring with Super KO Boxing 2 NOW!

and thanks to No Wonder for the music:


Why should you hire me?
Why should I work for you!
I got a good work ethic
check out my performance reviews

This isn’t a performance review
it’s a receipt for play dough
Look, I have no idea
whose that is, okay yo?

I make revenues appear
like I be a magician
and my personal tenets
mirror the company mission

And, yo, I got an MBA
ah, business administration?
Nah, I got a masters
in being amazing

What’s your greatest strength?
Just one? Don’t make me laugh
Here’s a graph I made which calculates
my awesomeness at graphs

I’m a proven team player
and a real tough guy
What’s your biggest weakness?
chocolate goes right to my thighs…

Here’s a copy of my resume
You’re welcome, by the way
Oh, and one more thing…


Monday, Thursday, Tuesday, Friday
Wednesday’s when I do it my way
Weekends we can safely state
that I’m a freakin dominate!

In the AM I ain’t playing
I decide what to do
Board game? Cards?
Super KO Boxing 2?

But first I gotta brush my teeth
get up out my bedding
cuz beaten and gingivitis
are two things I ain’t getting

I can’t decide
which mouthwash to try
but watch out plaque
you’re about to get genocide-d

Shampoo and conditioner
yeah, what you gonna do
they’re both in the same bottle
cuz I told them to

You don’t separate your laundry?
I do’t have to there, smart guy,
cuz when you dominate
no need for laundry apartheid

A1 like the sauce
B2 like the vitamin
Droppin straight bombs
Nah, you won’t believe the fight I’m in

C2 D2
Man, you sunk me!
Yeah, I’m throwing more 2’s
than an angry monkey

Well you might be better at this
Understatement. Wrong.
That’s like saying Oedipus
KINDA liked his mom

Moving on to some chess
roam the board like I own it,
taking all your tiny dudes
yeah talk about PAWN-AGE!

Think your little horsey
gonna mess with me?
Boom pop, next stop
glue factory!

Finally found a tough card game
against a solid player,
then I realized
I was playing solitaire

Running out of competition
Don’t know what to do
hit up Glu Mobile (Glu Mobile!)
for some Super KO Boxing 2

I’m the king of the ring
please excuse the euphamism
Now get up out my way
I’m-a engage in pugilism

With a left and a left
and a right and a right
Can you feel I’m the king
of Weenieville tonight??

You know I rule this town
and I’ll hit you with another
I’m-a be Chris Brown
you be my substantial other

Dodging and weaving
My defense is hot
I got more duck
than a Chinese Restaurant

Fighting 15 Cent
but a call is waiting
Dude, I’ll call you back
I be dominating!

Super KO Boxing 2?
I hear that’s good on the iPhone
Seriously dude, I gotta
beat this guy on my phone

Wait, don’t you always lose
to like one of the first guys anyway?


In the bathroom…
fax machine…
crossing the street…
in Pilates class…


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