Hey friends! My friends and I just spent the day watching football and playing Mario Kart. This video resulted. Hope you like it! Thank you to my friends BJ and Q for their help! And thank you to Langley High School (my alma mater) for not kicking me out.

2:20 is money
Because my school is out
But I ain’t taking the late bus
I’m heading straight to my couch

Cuz I got a Wii. I got a mii.
You gotta see
I gotta be right back
because now I gotta pee

I’m gonna need a prescription
I’m feeling weak in the heart
I need 100cc’s
of Mario Kart

Flying mad just like a bee
I fly with ease, I’m super dooper
I’ll gladly take the lead as
I go weave through koopa troopas.

I like salt and winning races.
But hold the sodium
Just try to go deny me
Cuz you know I’ll top that podium

Me and my Mii, we a team
Ain’t nobody can beat us
But I won the Mushroom Cup
Me too–when I was a fetus

No I ain’t gonna cower
if I happen to see Bowser
Because I’m gonna put a green shell
up in his trousers

And Luigi, you wont see me
I’m passing you quick
I got more speed than Carlton
that one episode of Fresh Prince

And hey, DK,
it’s you I’m gonna jettison
Spin you out with a banana
for a taste of your own medicine

And Princess, I’m-a hit you
in the face with a shell
You hit a girl like that in real life
you’re going to jail

Toad, I’ll make you explode
send you to the next world, man
You gonna get dumped
just like me by my girlfriend

What, I could have a girlfriend
That’s the truth, I ain’t faking
Sure you do, Remz
I see that face that you’re making!

The starting line
Can be like a bathroom
Cuz you’re all up on the gas
After you see a number 2

Sliding through the turns
Gonna do some displacing
Why you gotta bump me dude?
Cuz rubbin’s racin!!

Got my blocking shells
behind the cart, G
Stopping reds
like I was Joe McCarthy

Just try to get me, oh
You make a gain and I’ll out gas you
Just like a kidney stone
It’s gonna be painful when I pass you

Better check the mini map
Cuz it looks like I’m a lap you
But still I hit you with a shell
Because it’s fun not cuz I have to

Heading down the stretch
I’m on top of your head
Gonna grab me a shell–
Crap, I fell off the edge…

I’m the king of the kart
you think you like to play?
Check out a list
of what I’m doing today

Gotta zoom,
no I can’t be stopping
Dropping shrooms
like I was Janis Joplin

I don’t use turn signals
But that’s just me, what do I know
I just did Bowser’s Castle
with both my eye’s closed.

Hey let’s try Battle Mode!


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