I decided to try a slow jam. I hope you like it! I’ll keep the videos coming!


I see you sneaking a peak at me
I see you looking at me
While you sit and you chill
on the second shelf of the pantry

Just had a sandwich without you
Somehow it was soggy and dry
Only had baloney, homey
how I thought I would die

But I’m not dead, I need another,
it’s just something I’m wishing
I got the bread and peanut butter
there’s just one thing I’m missing

Grape or cherry, blueberry
put it in a can or not
All I know is don’t be
putting on no apricot

We need to cover peanut butter
Spread it around the whole place
With some Skippy, Jif-y, hit me
put it up in my face

With some jelly in my belly
it can make for a fun ride
But the jam on my hands
can make it hard to stay alive

So I do what I do
when my computer doesn’t run right
Yeah I be like USB, yeah
I be using a thumb drive

Yeah baloney is phoney
and speaking of phoney, homey
this Blackberry jelly sounds phone-y
Does this count as roaming?

Don’t need no BLT-eating, G
Nothing against the tomato
But I need a spread on my bread
be it Wonder or potato

I got some brown whole wheat bread
from this store that I’ve been to
Only brown thing needed is the face
the sandwich be going into

I’m no organic-paniced fanatic
I’m not telling lies
I’ll overlook the fact my jam is just
corn syrup and dye

See organic fertilizer
is you-know-what, don’t you know it–
I’m not paying twice the price
for what I can find in a toilet

Cuz when I’m tasting berry paste
I feel like I’m in a dream
Could it be the riboflavin
or lack of vitamin C

I don’t want you, Organic Jelly
no I don’t want to meet you,
I’ll teach you, you’re a pregnant woman
I’m the broken Propecia

And I ain’t racist
The only time segregation’s a sane plan
is when people put the
PB and J in the same can

Why not put the bread in there too?
Maybe dinner? Dessert?
Don’t forget to brush your teeth,
Here I’ll throw in a squirt.

I always thought a jar of jelly
should’ve been OJ’s wife
Cuz it’s the only kinda woman
that it’s okay to knife

While I’m doing the laundry
While I’m driving my truck
While I’m watching A.I
Man, this movie sucks…

In a can or a bottle
While I throttle my car
In my mouth or a container
Oh, they both are ajar

But it’s a slow jam not a def jam
So I’ll handle my nerves
I keep the dandy candy handy, man
A can of preserves

Like when you’re driving and see a stopped school bus…
Like when you stick your kid in a shoe box…


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